Faside Castle Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland, UK

Castle overview

A historically significant 15th stone castle in a rolling farmland that offers upscale bed and breakfast.

Located in the East Lothian Greenbelt, the Faside Castle is surrounded by woodland and arable farmland. This 15th-century stone castle is an example of early domestic Scottish architecture. It still houses historic items like the grand dining home. Witness to countless historical events throughout its centuries of existence, the castle is best known for being the site of the Battle of Pinkie in 1547. While the castle does not offer a lot of amenities, it has a horse and sheep facility and is involved in breeding and selling high quality dressage horses and rare native sheep breeds. While it is situated in a rural landscape, it is just within a short distance from the busy city of Edinburgh.

Castle Highlights




1 / Design

Faside Castle’s design is a classic example of the earliest domestic architecture of Scotland, which makes it both historically and architecturally important.

2 / Dining

While the castle does not have a restaurant, it has a grand dining area. Complimentary breakfast and other meals are also served in the rooms.

3 / Location

Located in a private farmland in East Lothian, the castle offers a peaceful rural scenery, but at the same time, it’s easily accessible from Tranent and Musselburgh.




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Faside Castle

Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland, UK

services & amenities

Faside Stud

At the castle's estate, there are lots of beautiful horses roaming around. The Faside Stud breeds and sells high quality dressage horses. The foals are handled from birth, DNA-verified, microchipped, and passported.

Faside Flock

Since the castle is surrounded with a private farmland, there are also available livestock around. The Faside Flock breeds and sells rare and native sheep breed, including the black and white Wensleydales.

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